Response Analysis Reporting Automation

Client Background

Our client is a $21 billion regional financial services company, with banking operations in seven states. This company employs over 4,000 people and has annual revenue over $800M.


Marketing Challenges

Reporting on marketing campaign profitability is a challenge for an organization of any size. Our client was challenged with implementing a consistent and streamlined response analysis reporting solution to effectively monitor marketing investments. The client had several complex issues Argos had to resolve in order to support their reporting needs. They wanted to understand how their communications performed on two response levels – primary response and ancillary response. A primary response was considered an opened account for the service promoted, and an ancillary response was any account opened by a targeted household. In addition, an ancillary response needed to be tracked differently depending on whether or not the targeted household had a primary response. The complexity of the reporting requirement was compound by the fact that client had to see results not only at the account level but also rolled up to the household level.

Argos Solution

Argos Group implemented a new Response Analysis Reporting solution for the client, reporting the key metrics needed to understand direct mail “success” when marketing to customers in a variety of geographic areas.. Argos experts re-designed database structures to streamline the process of tracking Direct Mail contacts and subsequent responses. This process utilized the client’s native campaign management product and standard spreadsheet applications thus eliminating the need for any additional infrastructure expenditures. Argos then developed a repeatable process for tracking campaign responders at any point in the campaign life cycle. Effective tracking of responses resulted in an easy-to-use reporting system for the client. Reports were customized per the clients’ standards. The client is now self-sufficient to modify the solution as its needs evolve. The solution enabled the marketing group immediate access to campaign reports and eliminated the need to rely on an overtaxed IT staff to produce reports manually.