Database Usage

  • A customer wanted to insure adherence to a business process that:
    • Used 1% of the production database for development purposes
    • Would significantly reduce hits against production database during the development cycle
  • Data Source Usage Reports developed by Argos, show the history of campaign execution as it relates to the usage of data sources in the Affinium Campaign environment.
  • For this customer, the report revealed the fact that a majority of users were still using production database as a data source for campaign flowchart development.
  • Results: When this information was presented to the customer, the Users communicated that the 1% DB did not accurately represent the whole, so the 1% DB was reformulated with a representative sample of the overall population.
  • Benefits: The Data Source Usage Reports present a factual view of the usage of data sources in the Affinium Campaign environment allowing Marketing and IT departments to coordinate on database resource utilization.

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