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Campaign Management

Sophisticated marketing practices are increasingly required whether competing in a saturated marketplace or establishing customer base with a new product or service. Direct marketers must be able to:

  • Develop and execute direct marketing strategy to acquire, retain and develop loyal customers
  • Identify, analyze and segment prospects and customers along more dimensions
  • Capture interest and manage communication preferences
  • Provide more relevant and consistent messaging
  • Track contact history
  • Measure response, revenue and profit
  • Provide customer insight and guidance throughout the organization

We help clients develop and deploy campaign management solutions to perform closed-loop, multi-channel, multi-wave marketing interactions that improve customer relationships and produce favorable business outcomes.

Argos provides expertise in delivering systems that leverage the full range of campaign management functionality including:

    • Customer intelligence and segmentation based on:

      • Geographic, demographic, transactional and behavioral variables
      • Statistical model scores indicating churn, risk, response propensity and projected profitability

      • Consumer and corporate householding
      • Channel integration
      • Development, execution and analysis of test and learn processes to determine:

        • Champion/challenger offers
        • A/B creative tests
        • Customer profile and population clustering

      • Promotional offers management and ROI optimization
      • Lights-out and event triggered campaigns
      • Direct and inferred response measurement and analysis

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