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Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

We successfully applied our extensive expertise in data mining and knowledge discovery in business analytics across select vertical markets. Our solutions allow marketers to identify hidden relationships for any given target audience. For instance, by clustering customers into groups by age, gender, past purchases or interaction behaviors and applying those segmentations to their campaigns, marketers boost their desired outcome and minimize unwarranted contacts. Results of discovering and analyzing data from an Enterprise System of Record can be used for customer interactions, sales forecasting, marketing segmentations and more. For example, the use of data mining for marketing includes:

  • Predicting customer monetary value and profitability over time
  • Identifying elements of profiles for groups with different behavior patterns - responders vs non-responders, buyers vs non-buyers
  • Identifying individuals most likely to respond to buy products or services as well who is most likely to result in churn
  • Predicting what customer or customer groups will be buying and in what order

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