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Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

Argos helps clients standardize and coordinate the full-lifecycle of marketing planning and business process work-flow through the implementation of MRM solutions tailored to your organization. Argos employs deep knowledge of complex marketing processes across a variety of vertical industries and functional disciplines. Through leveraging our experience, we will ensure that your MRM deployment will be focused on the aspects of your business that are most important and impactful to your organization. MRM will provide your marketing group with the capability to plan, view and execute marketing activities by date, geography, channel or any aspect of the strategic and tactical objectives. Specific features can be used to address:

  • Budget planning and approval
  • Campaign calendar management
  • Consistent, pertinent and centralized information capture (Word and Excel forms with endless revisions emailed as attachments can be retired)
  • Work-flow task assignment, routing and approval tracking
  • Automated notifications and alerts
  • Creative asset management, version tracking and accessibility
  • Marketing goals and metrics measurement
  • User, role and group level security

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