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Real-Time Interactions Marketing Services

Argos consultants are well-versed in the intricacies and complexity of direct interactions that occur between customers and prospects throughout all our client's inbound communication channels. These interactions are very different from outbound direct marketing in that they require a much greater degree of relevance and sensitivity to the customer experience. At the same time, these can be one of the greatest potential sources of generating customer growth and loyalty.

Our consultants have led projects for very large clients across multiple industries and customer touch-points. Argos consultants offer insight, skill and experience in assessing and optimizing marketing efforts occurring within inbound channels (i.e. Web, call center, retail/POS) and have implemented best of breed technologies to capitalize on customer interactions in real time. Our solutions have helped realize hidden marketing and revenue potential by delivering the right message at the moment of a customer initiated contact when customers are most receptive.

Making the most out of customer initiated interactions

Marketers all agree that their existing customers hold untapped potential during interactions that take place over the web, through the call center, or even at POS. Customers who have taken the initiative to contact you present an incredible opportunity to cross-sell, up-sell, and build loyalty. Real-Time Interaction Marketing (RTIM) is the discipline that controls and optimizes these customer contacts.

RTIM systems integrate multifaceted rules with a variety of data and must manage the logistics between data systems and a rules/recommendation engine to provide the most appropriate and likely accepted offer. RTIM projects vary in complexity driven by several elements such as:

  • Number of decision data points available to the rules engine
  • Type of rules engine deployed
  • Number of touch points that need to be integrated
  • Level of response capture required

At Argos Group, we have led clients through the entire process of establishing successful RTIM systems - including; business case development, ROI analysis, vendor selection, assessment of current state of inbound channels to full life-cycle implementation and solution deployment. Our clients have achieved remarkable and measurable return of marketing investment (ROMI) by transforming their inbound contact centers and web sites into effective revenue generating touch points.

RTM Success Stories

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