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Financial Services Industry - Multi-Channel Inbound Marketing Automation

Argos consultants designed and developed the solution architecture, integration approach and led the implementation of an inbound marketing real-time recommendation engine for one of the top 5 banking institutions in the United States. The solution allowed the ability to recognize individual customers, their currently owned products, and additional related profile attributes in real-time within a customer touch-point. The best offer or product recommendation was presented based on a combination of qualification rules, acceptance propensity models and business value.

Key aspects of this solution involved:

The incorporation of customer related enterprise banking data across all business units and divisions including:

  • Consumer and Business Credit Card
  • Home and Commercial Mortgage
  • Consumer Home Equity Loans and Lines
  • Business Loans and Line
  • Demand Deposit Accounts
  • Investments and Trading
  • Online Banking
  • Business Banking Service

The coordination of business rules and marketing communications across customer interaction touch-points such as:

  • The customer service and support call center
  • Secure Internet banking
  • Public websites

The development, execution and measurement of customer centric marketing offers and service messages to better meet both customer needs and corporate marketing objectives. Standard programs were developed for customer acquisition, upsell, cross-sell, retention, service cost reduction, and risk management.

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Automotive Industry - Online Lead and Quote Request Optimization

Argos consulting resources led a major automotive manufacturer in establishing one of the first online personalization engines in that industry designed to increase the number of automobile pricing quotes generated from the corporate Website on behalf of their local dealer network.

The solution was able to identify relevant interest on behalf of anonymous visitors to the Website based on key events during the Web session and guide them through the price quote request process for the particular model and configuration that customer was interested in.

The results of this effort resulted in 100% increase in customer quote requests over control groups.

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Media and Entertainment - Customer Contact Center Transformed from Solely Service Based Cost Center to Source Customer Sales and Retention

Argos resources were responsible for successfully leading the client and consulting teams through design and deployment of a highly personalized cross-sell, upsell and retention vehicle fully integrated into one of the country's largest publication fulfillment and service vendors. The solution was optimized to facilitate a seamless customer experience as well as straightforward adoption by service reps.

The outcome of this effort was outstanding, resulting in average customer acceptance conversion rates exceeding 10% (a 5-20 fold increase over standard direct marketing response rates). The success of the project led to a major competitive advantage for this vendor as well as a transformation of the relationship with their major publishing industry clients from pure services and cost-based model to one of a true business partnership focused on both superior customer service and business growth without compromise to either objective.

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